Communication Consultant und Content Creator

My name is Armin Hoyer. I was born in Linz and lived in Vienna for 30 years. For the last four years I have been living and working in the district of Kitzbühel.

After many years of working in marketing for international corporations, I started my own business as a consultant. As an external project manager for a well-known communications agency, I developed and managed projects for clients in the public and private sectors. Through my training as an academic management consultant and a subsequent MBA degree, I was able to deepen my expertise in a practical way.

Since 2018, I have been working as a communications consultant in the mobility industry, creating content in the form of photos, videos and texts. With my experience as a freelance motoring journalist and communications expert, I write editorial and PR copy for my clients. These include vehicle manufacturers and dealers as well as other companies active in the mobility sector.


In May 2017, I started my blog and reported on motorbike trips in Austria and neighbouring countries. It also includes two-wheeler tests and events such as launches and trade fairs. As an accredited online journalist, I reported several times on the MotoGP motorbike world championship. I now offer content from these areas to my clients.

Personally, I have been involved in mountain biking in Austria from the very beginning. From 1991-1996 I competed in races all over Austria including the Downhill World Cup in Kaprun. In 2000, I became interested in enduros. A major highlight was participating in the “Austrian Cross Country Championships” race series in 2007.


Centred around practical tests of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, I produce test reports as well as descriptive image and video material for my clients. The main focus is on the equipment and driving performance a vehicle offers, its charging capabilities, and what range is actually feasible in everyday life.