My name is Armin Hoyer, I am Austrian. Born in Upper Austria, I have been living in Vienna for many years. After years of working for various international companies, I started my own business as a Marketing and Sales Consultant. At a certain point in time I realized, that my current job doesn’t fulfil me anymore and I decided after a long and hard way to change it and make something new.

Since I was 16 years old I am driving on two motorized wheels. I started driving Vespa with the Vespa PK 50S followed by a 50 Special and finally I found my real scooter love with the old-timer Vespa GTR 125. During that time, I also made a detour in the mountain bike scene, where I was competing with my team at mountain bike races for five years. The bikes we had, where from Specialized and KTM. Our main sponsor amongst others was McDonalds’s Upper Austria.

2000 I started my enduro time on KTM. 2007. I participated with my 450 EXC “Just for Fun” as part of the X-IT4 Racing Team at the ACC Cross Country Championships. It was all about being part of it rather thinking about winning. After a few years break my passion for Ducati lead me to extensive research with ended finally with buying a Monster 821 Stripe in the summer of 2015, which I still drive today.


I started to get on real motorbike tours in August 2016. Almost a year later, in Mai 2017 I began the first time writing about it on my blog at The more I was travelling with my Monster the happier I got. Once, at my journey through Corsica and Sardinia I experienced, that besides motor biking I like to get to know the people and their culture. This led me to write about it too.

I also report about testing racetracks, which my article of the Slovakia Ring indicates in Mai 2017. In general, I love motorsports, as it helped me developing and growing myself. In addition, promoting bike charity events is also from great importance to me.


As motorbike travel journalist, I write about all my experiences on two wheels in my authentic and unique way. Besides the beautiful landscapes, I concentrate on people I get to know on my journey. I also write about the experience I made with my equipment. I want to assist other people to make buying decisions much easier. I document all of it with my iPhone and two GoPro cameras with pictures and videos, which are mounted on my “Monster” and my helmet. My newest technological achievement is a mini drone from DJI.

To reach as many people interested as possible, I am present on the major Social Media channels, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. I am working also on a multilingual web presence. Currently I write and post in English and German but soon all posts will be also available in Italian and French.

All these, obviously takes an enormous amount of time, energy and endurance. My new profession occupies me, friends and various other service providers almost around the clock. This is huge, if we consider the state of my business idea and my limited monetary resources. But it is my dream and I will do everything to make it true. My passion is my life – I´m lovin it!

Instagram post 17855323063786500 #harleydavidson #lifewire 🏍⚡️💨 test in Spain 🇪🇸☀️😎
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#harleydavidson #lifewire 🏍⚡️💨 test in Spain 🇪🇸☀️😎 📸 @harleydavidson #hdlifewire #harleydavidsonlifewire #harleysdavidsonlifestyle #harleysofinstagram #harleylife #harleylovers #arminonbike_in_spain #arminonbiketest #arminonbike ...

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Instagram post 18128625439057626 New #lowriders - #harleydavidson #softail test in Spain 🇪🇸☀️😎
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#harleysoftail #harleysofinstagram #harleylife #harleylovers #arminonbike_in_spain #arminonbiketest #arminonbike

New #lowriders - #harleydavidson #softail test in Spain 🇪🇸☀️😎 📸 @harleydavidson #harleysoftail #harleysofinstagram #harleylife #harleylovers #arminonbike_in_spain #arminonbiketest #arminonbike ...

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Instagram post 17857843213742949 Fantastic Rothman‘s #harleydavidsonsportster by @speed_and_custom 😎👊
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#speedandcustom #sykesharleydavidson #harleydavidson #harleydavidsoncustom #harleycustom #harleydavidsonaddicts #arminonbike_in_spain #arminonbike

Fantastic Rothman‘s #harleydavidsonsportster by @speed_and_custom 😎👊 📸 @harleydavidson #speedandcustom #sykesharleydavidson #harleydavidson #harleydavidsoncustom #harleycustom #harleydavidsonaddicts #arminonbike_in_spain #arminonbike ...

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