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Electric Premiere in Amsterdam | Zero Motorcycles Unveils the E-Streetfighter SR/F

Zero SR/F Launch | Photo: Armin Hoyer - arminonbike.com

Hotel Arena | Amsterdam – The pioneer of the electric motorcycle industry Zero Motorcycles from Santa Cruz in California presented today in the venerable chapel of the Hotel Arena in Amsterdam the new model SR/F for the first time to the world public and heralds a new era in the premium segment of electrically powered motorcycles…

The location for the presentation of this groundbreaking new development could not have been better chosen. The chapel of the Hotel Arena from the late 19th century, unique as an event location, provided a worthy setting for this world premiere. At the same time the Zero SR/F was presented to the experts in its home country in New York. Under the motto “Effortless Power, Effortless Control, Effortless Connection” Zero has set the new benchmark for electrically powered premium motorcycles with the new E-Streetfighter:

Effortless Power

With 110 hp peak power, the newly developed ZF 75-10 engine enables effortless acceleration of 0-100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 200 km/h. The brushless electric motor with internal permanent magnets provides the full 190 Nm torque from the first revolution and thus ensures harmonious power development. The in-house lithium-ion battery pack ZF14.4 with a capacity of 14.4 kW enables a range of up to 320 km. The Rapid Charge System with an optionally available charge tank (integrated charger) at a Level 2 charging station has a charging capacity of up to 12 kW, which reduces the charging time (0-95%) to one hour.

Effortless Control

The new Cypher III zero operating system and Bosch’s Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) make the powerful Streetfighter controllable in all road conditions. Cypher III is the control centre for all systems on the motorcycle, guaranteeing ideally tuned handling in every situation.

The Bosch MSC controls the harmonious power delivery of the electric motor with integrated ABS, cornering brake and traction control. The Zero SR/F has 14 different driving modes, which can be set both on the motorcycle dashboard and on the newly developed app. There are Street, Sport, Eco and Rain modes as well as 10 other individually adjustable modes. The dual radial brake on the front wheel provides a powerful and easily adjustable deceleration.

Effortless Connectivity

With the new Cypher III operating system, the Zero SR/F becomes an intelligent motorcycle. Thus the rider is continuously informed about the vehicle’s status, even away from the motorcycle, and can control it via the app. This includes the charging status, interruptions and the remaining charging time. The location and unexpected movements of the bike can also be tracked in this way.

During the ride, the motorcycle continuously records the location, speed, angle of inclination, power, torque, battery charge and the energy consumed and regenerated. This data can be retrieved after the ride, additional content uploaded and the result then shared. The app also allows updates and upgrades of the Cypher III operating system to be installed directly on the motorcycle in order to always be up to date. All these connectivity features are provided free of charge for two years with the purchase of a new SR/F.

The first Streetfighter SR/F will arrive at the dealers in April. Finally, I can only say that after the impressive presentation I can hardly wait for the first test drive with the new Zero SR/F. Of course I will report about it again here and on my other social media channels. See you then!

Text, photos and video: Armin Hoyer – arminonbike.com
Photo with Armin Hoyer: Zero Motorcycles

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